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New Year, New Me: 6 Outfit Ideas to Try in 2019

We buy clothes all the time, only to groan, “I don’t know what to wear!” Well, we could spare ourselves that agony by adopting the late Steve Job’s signature style: the black turtleneck and jeans combo. But what’s life without experimenting more, experiencing more, and expressing more of yourself? In 2019, only dress to impress […]

Gr Montre Review: Affordable Automatic Watch Under US$120

Never underestimate the ability of watches in sprucing up your look, or giving you that extra dose of confidence for an interview. We all need to invest in a watch that we’re proud of wearing on our wrists. But let’s face it –– not everyone can afford a luxury watch that costs thousands of dollars. […]

Top 6 Luxury Watches Without Breaking The Bank

The Government Folk has sourced together a luxury collection of timepieces all below $100 USD just for you. Proving that you can indeed acquire elegant, stylish, luxury watches with great quality that are affordable. Here we want to show you some of our favorite affordable luxury pieces we recommend from The Government Folk that show […]